Call: Ben: 626 224-8717 or Marc: 626 733-2799

Tuesday March 5th


3 Rounds For Time:

Run 400m
15 Overhead Squat 75/55
20 Ring Dips

***17 Minute Time Cap***

  1. MARC Reply
    5:00am Mike H- 11:59 (black band) Ruby- 14:19 (black band) Ashley F- 16:57 RX Ben- 11:18 RX JoAnn- 14:52 (ROM OHS, bench dip) Charles- 15:54 (ROM OHS, black band) Dustin- 17:00 (green band, -20 reps)
  2. MARC Reply
    6:00am Albert- 14:08 (blue band) Steven R- 11:52 RX Jon L- 16:32 (45lb, green band) Mary- 13:46 (ROM OHS, 35lb, Green band) Lindsay- 14:48 (red and blue band)
  3. Ronnie Patron Reply
    7:00am Michele- 13:25 (Blue) Tony- 16:03 Rx Sean - 16:23 Rx 9:00am Amanda T.- 17:00 (2 + 400m/ purple) Lexi- 14:10 (red) Jillian- 14:45 (red) Matt M.- 12:30 Rx Jeff- 14:48 (black/45) Nasser- 17:00 (2+4/Black/45) Sara- 13:01 Rx Josh- 17:00 (2+26/phone call)
  4. Kathleen Reply
    3:30pm Stephanie B-2+15 (33#, Green+Red) Natalie-2+Run (35#,Black) Kelsi-15:35 (33#,Green+Red) Joanna-2+23 (35#,Green) Troy-2+Run Rx Jimmy-13:52 Rx Bill-16:46 Rx Nathan-14:15 (Green) Tiffany-15:47 (33#,Green) 5:00pm Austen-14:33 (Green) KH-15:51 Rx Nora-13:57 (40#,Green) Kim-2+7 (15#, Green) Andrew-11:52 Rx Marc-8:31 Rx "Jackie" Jerry-10:48 Rx "Jackie" Dan S- 16:15 (ROM) Jose-16:22 (ROM) Garrett MOB-14:32 Rx Franky-16:12 (Green) Mando-2+17 (53#, Green, ROM) Janette-15:41 (15#,Black) Melissa-17:56 (15#, Green, ROM)
  5. Kathleen Reply
    6:00pm Mal 14:04 (black band) Jen- 2+9 (sub row, 25#, bench dips) Ian-16:59 (mod) Kevin-12:51 Rx Kyle B-10:54 Rx Jon-16:17 Rx Brilliant-12:38 Rx Eric-13:17 Rx Matt R-12:50 Rx Joe-2+6 (green) 7:00pm Carmen-16:27 (33#,bench dips) JR-2+30 (front squat, green) TWR-2+18 Rx

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