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Friday 3/21

Game Day:

This will be a good one for us. This has a number of skills that we have been working on week after week. So, a few notes:

-The damper switch on the rower should be set high (10 if possible). More air in the flywheel=higher power output=MORE CALS!!!

-Remember, rowing for calories is different than rowing for distance. Approach each stroke like you would a loaded pull (like a power/full clean, deadlift, kb swing). Each stroke must be powerful and efficient.

-Do not blow it out on the rower, you should cross the 60cal line feeling nice and warmed up.

-Be realistic about how YOU WILL break up your T2B’s. It is imperative that you break before you start failing reps. If your rhythm or lower abdominals/hip flexors burn out…then that might be it for you.

-Stay relaxed on the Wall Balls, again YOU WILL break these up. Break on your own accord, not when you legs/shoulders/lungs tell you to.

-Don’t plan on doing more than 5 cleans at a time. The boys on the show blasted out of the gate and they were doing singles on the clean. A different approach, arriving later at the cleans, might allow for some to be strung together. Keep in mind that you will need as much of your grip left as possible for the Muscle Ups. Again, break before you fail!

-When you arrive at the Muscle Ups it’s going to be too late in the game to be able to afford any missed reps. Make damn sure that every rep counts! Break before you fail (noticing a trend here?)

Warm Up:

1) 5x :30 second on/:30 off Row for Calories, get a feel for what a Cal on the rower feels like.

2a) 3×5 T2B

2b)3×5 Wall Balls (25/20)

2c)3×2 Power Clean (155/105)

2d)3×2 Muscle Up

With the fury of 1000 suns…

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