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Friday 3/28

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…”

Forget all the hype about this one not being an AMRAP, or not having a time cap. It doesn’t matter. What matters, as always, is efficiency and persistence.

Remember a strategy that we have been teaching about overhead barbell movements?…The locked-out overhead position IS A REST POSITION!!! I cannot emphasize this enough. I also cannot emphasize how much THE FRONT RACK IS NOT A RESTING POSITION!!! So if you need a breath, hold a rep overhead, relax, grab that breath and get back to work.

After the thrusters are complete each set, you MUST guide your barbell back to the floor. Notice, I did not say “lower” the barbell back down, but if you don’t guide it down there is no telling where it will end up, and seeing as how the barbell’s location is a vital element of your BAR-facing burpee, it will pay dividends to keep it close.

It almost goes without saying but do yourself a favor and do a full clean into each set of thrusters.

Once the barbell is back on the floor, get down right away and pop back up. When you are popping back up from the burpee you must try to land with your feet as close to the barbell as possible to eliminate the need to step forward or take a leap of faith broad jump (both of which could be rather time consuming).

As is always the case, but definitely worth mentioning again, do not take even one moment to bend over and put your hands on your knees. This position is the “Devil in a Red Dress” (to quote Jon North). You might think it feels good and you’re resting but your lungs cannot expand that well while bent over meaning that you aren’t breathing well and not truly recovering. PLUS, you will be tempted to go down into that “rest” again and again and again.

If you only remember one thing: Keep moving.

Game Day Warm Up:

1) 5min EMOM, 3 Thrusters@95/65+3 Bar-Facing Burpees. Hold each thruster overhead for a moment and feel yourself breathing. Practice snapping the feet up close to the barbell on the burpees.

With the fury of 1,000 suns…

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