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Friday February 21st


Romanian Deadlift


Adding weight each set, resting 90 seconds between sets


For Time:

2-4-6-8-10 Power Clean and Jerk 115/75 LBS

After every round of Clean and Jerks

Complete 1 round of “Cindy”

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats


Posterior Chain Floss/Banded Sink

  1. Matthew Sakiyama Reply
    5:00am Ashley Fe-11:01 RxRB Ruby-11:30 RxRB Katherine-13:17 Rx+85 Victoria-13:14 (45,band) Mary-11:06 Rx+85 Ben-8:43 RxRB Joe G-9:09 Rx Mike B-14:41 (95,band) Jeff T-15:07 (95,band) Greg-17:50 (75,band) Steve A-11:24 (95) Jacob G-10:53 Rx 7:00am Juan-15:31 Rx Albert-13:56 Rx Gina-16:51 Rx Marianne-15:59 (band) Nicole-19:26 (band) Sophia-18:51 (65) Mona-16:07 (band) 9:00am Lexi-10:09 RxRB Carmen-13:50 (55,band) JR-13:14 (75,band) Jeff-12:24 Rx Henry-8:57 Rx Hugo-12:50 Rx Nasser-17:52 Rx
  2. Matthew Sakiyama Reply
    11:30am Rachelle-12:27 (mod) Lauren-15:19 Rx+some C2B+85 Daniel B-13:55 RxRB Ryan B-Mad Strength Ruben-10:13 Rx Jose-14:44 Rx Jake-9:13 (mod) Matt M-Mad Strength 10:56 RxRB Samson-11:54 RxRB Mike A-9:21 Rx
  3. Matthew Sakiyama Reply
    3:30pm Andy-13:46 Rx Josh-10:35 RxRB Dustin-18:06 995) Lisa-20:26 (53/band) Joe R-15:55 (95,band) Ryan Y-9:36 RxRB 5:00pm Daniel-9:04 Rx Monica-19:28 (65/55, band) Megan-14:47 Rx Andrea-13:30 (PU) Kenny-11:23 Rx Raminda-12:04 Rx Dan S-11:10 Rx Des-12:05 (35) Rosemarie-16:02 (26) Yesterday's WOD 7:00pm Kyle B-7:40 RxRB Bill-13:55 Rx Ashley Fa-14:29 (65,band) Liz-17:07 (35, rows) Mal-16:50 (band)

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