Call: Ben: 626 224-8717 or Marc: 626 733-2799

Friday July 5th


15 minutes of Handstand hold/Handstand pushups


12 Minute AMRAP of

10 Burpees

25 Double Unders

Post WOD

IT Band Rollout 2 minutes each side

  1. Matt Reply
    3:30pm Lexi-Comp Prep Ashley P-Comp Prep John F-7+3 Rx Matt R-Comp Prep Andy-3+6 Rx 5:00pm Kristine-7+3 Rx Jeff-5+32 Rx Joanna-4+16 (singles) Lexi-10+9 Rx Ashley P-3+18 Rx Matt R-8+5 Rx 6:00pm Katy-4+9 Rx Jen-4+60 (singles) Lauren-8+2 Rx Ruby-9+3 Rx Bridget-8+43 (singles) Brilliant-10+10 Rx Ian-10+8 Rx Joe-5+7 Rx Mike C-7 (singles) Ray-2+60 (singles) Dan S-6+2 Rx
  2. Ronnie Reply
    5:00am Mike H.- 5+10 (singles) Julie- 7+2 Rx Kathleen- 10+7 Rx JoAnn- 4+7 (singles) David- 6+20 (singles) Jordan G.- 9+50 (singles) 7:00am Jacob- 8+3 Rx Megan T.- 8 (singles) Payal- 5 (singles) 9:00am Jillian- 8+9 Rx Sara- lifting Carlos- 7+17 (singles) Mike A.- lifting 11:30am Victoria- 5 Rx Charles- 5+10 (singles) Troy- 6+70 (singles) Ben- lifting Matt S, Ronnie, Ryan- Outlaw

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