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Important Regionals Bound Reminders

1) The Regionals Bound blog is up. Please bookmark this page –

2) If you are doing “RB”, stick with the programming. The coaches shouldn’t need to remind you every day to not go outside of what has been programmed. If you want to do something extra, ask first. We have created all of this with the intent to get each of you better at the sport of CrossFit.

3) Understand what is expected from you. We are putting videos up of everything, as well as posting the work load a day in advance. We will not always have a coach available to walk you through the workout.

4) The regular class has the priority. Don’t expect the coach to run heats of the wod, or to delay the wod, because you didn’t get finished in time. It is on you to make time to get this work done.

5) Be respectful of the gym, and set the example. Clean your equipment when you are done, and make sure everything goes where it needs to. We are very fortunate to have nice, new equipment. Let’s keep it that way.

Good luck.

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