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Monday 3/31

And with that we move into our next chapter. Our preparation for the 2014 Open began about 5 months later than a coach would have liked. However, our build up for the 2014 season was filled with massive PRs, and incredible gains in capacity. The coaches are proud of all of our athletes.

This week we will taper off to test next week. We will snatch on Monday and Friday, Clean & Jerk on Tuesday and Saturday with Powers on Wednesday. All of our Olympic lifts will be from the floor. Next Monday we will test the Snatch, Tuesday the Clean & Jerk. Next Friday we will test Back Squat, Saturday the Front Squat. There are never good days to miss training but it is extra vital that you make it to every training session to set yourself up for the most productive post-season/off-season.

1) Snatch: 2×2@75%, 2×2@80%, 1×2@85%, drop in between reps

2) Snatch Pull: 4×2@95% of 1RM Snatch


With the fury of 1,000 suns…



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