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Monday 4/14

We saw a huge number of PRs during this past week of testing. I now want to make something very clear. When asking many of you how your max-out sessions went I heard a lot of, “I only got a 5# PR”. ONLY?!?!?…ONLY?!?!? A 5# PR represents some serious progress and don’t ever forget that! Stop being ungrateful. Do you know what would be worse than hitting a 5# PR?…Not hitting a 5# PR.

Think back to when you started Crossfit, or Regionals Bound or even just lifting weights at all. I’m sure it wasn’t uncommon for you to test a lift and hit a 20#,30# or even 50# PR (some of you might still be there, consider it a major blessing). Think back to those glorious days…and remember them fondly because they are probably over. When beginners hit a 30# PR it doesn’t necessarily mean that they got 30# stronger, it usually means that their technique got 30# better.

Now by about the end of January, perhaps earlier, I would classify most of the RB athletes as having established “True Maxes” meaning that your 1RMs are representative of your actual strength. And now we are almost 3 months past that. The longer that you train, the slower your rate of progress will become and that is just how this works. So take pride in your 5# PRs because progress is progress.

A reporter once watched Muhammed Ali do a particularly grueling set of sit ups during a training session. When Ali had stood up from the set the reporter asked him how many he had done. Ali replied, “I don’t know, I don’t start counting until it hurts.” The real training doesn’t begin until you are starting to struggle.

The ones who finish on top are the ones who are willing to go run down progress like a lion on the Serengeti.

Now, looking forwards:

Our next cycle begins today. This will be a hypertrophy cycle, the primary goal will be to put on lean muscle mass and the training will be organized to reflect this goal (Yes, you will get stronger too). It is as important as ever to continue eating along the guidelines that were  issued in the On Nutrition post.

Do not throw your diet out the window! Just eat more!

You are going to see a lot of high reps (12’s, 10’s and 8’s) on our strength work. There will generally not be assigned percentages, you will need to go by feel. The more intensity that you bring to these sets, the more you will get back out of it. Be sure to log your numbers on Wodify so that when I say, “Add 5#” you can actually add 5#. These higher rep ranges are going to beat you up some. That will require us to back off from the Olympic Lifts. Fortunately, this gives us a perfect reason to take a step back and do some dedicated technique work. We are going to essentially rebuild your Snatch and Clean&Jerk. You are going to see a lot of new accessory movements that will greatly improve your technique (We will be posting demo videos whenever a new movement gets programmed and I’m going to be mad at you if you don’t watch them, but if it’s obvious that you have watched it and still don’t understand then I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions). Don’t worry, you aren’t going to get any weaker because you aren’t doing heavy Snatches. Trust me when I say that I have your best performance interests in mind. This is going to be a fun cycle. You’re going to get jacked for summer (the timing just works out nicely) and your technique on the classic lifts (Snatch, Clean&Jerk) is going to get overhauled.

A high level of conditioning is not a major priority right now so don’t get scared if you don’t PR your time on a Girl WOD. If you go outside of the program and try to make gains on your conditioning during this time you will either not make any gains at all or you will get injured. Stick to the program.

Now onto training:

1) 10×2 Tall Snatch, focus on perfect technique. This will teach you how to pull yourself into the bottom position.

2a) 3×10 Clean Deadlift, bottom out each rep, practice 10 perfect starts, heavy

2b) 3×10 Ring Dips

3) 3×10 Weighted Hip Extension

4) Scale metcon to 5 Muscle Ups instead of 10 Pull Ups

With the fury of 1,000 suns…

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    GOOD READ PLAYER!!! FURY OF 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 SUNS!!!!!!!!!!!

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