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Monday 5/5

By now your body should be adjusting to this slightly different style of training. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t feel beat up or sore and stiff (this will be worth the gains down the road, I promise!).

With that let me add some notes:

As I’m sure you have noticed these last few weeks, the percentages for squats and other accessory strength movements have not been provided. We have been taking a more “by feel” approach. Each week as a movement is programmed you should be attempting to finish at a heavier set than the week before. Example:  Week 1 Back Squat 12(100#)-10(110#)-10(115#)-8(120#)-8(125#) – then- Week 2(or any next week) 12(105#)-10(115#)-10(120#)-8(125#)-8(130#). In this example we were able to add 5# to each set, I understand that this might not always be (or really feel) possible. In this case try to at least PR your last set (essentially setting an 8RM). Do this with your Squats, Deadlifts, RDLs, Bent Rows, Pressing, etc.

About the Olympic Lifting work: I have seen some terrible interesting technique on some of these Tall and Tip-Tall Snatch/Clean  and Muscle Snatch/Clean movements. The load that you’re using is MUCH LESS IMPORTANT than focusing on the finer points of technique (remember, this is not a strength & power cycle, that day will come and you’ll love it when it does). Focus on doing the movements with speed and perfect form (this will pay huge dividends, trust me!). 

Reminder: Our goals for this cycle are hypertrophy (muscle growth) and Olympic Weightlifting technique improvement.

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1) 8×2 Tip-Tall Snatch

2a) 4×8 Clean Deadlift, heavy, bottom out each rep

2b) 4×10-15 Ring Push Ups, rings 3″ off the deck

3) 4×12 Reverse Hypers, heavy

4) Scale to 135/95

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