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Monday 7/14

Today we will begin our Strength & Gymnastic Development Cycle. Our previous Hypertrophy Cycle has laid the groundwork to feed into this next cycle. The squatting regimen will consist of the Hatch Squat cycle. To save some time you might want to Google “hatch squat program” and download the spreadsheet. If you enter your 1RMs, the spreadsheet will populate all of your numbers. For those of you that did not do Hatch back in September, you will be Back Squatting and Front Squatting every Tuesday and Friday and all the intensities will be percentage based. Enjoy…

1: Snatch+Hang Snatch, 4×1+2@70%, (1 Snatch+2 Hang Snatch)

2a: 2 Pause Snatch Deadlift, 5×3, 3 count pause below the knee, 3 count pause above the knee then pull to hips.

2b: Push Press: 5×5, heavy

3: 10 minute EMOM, Even: 5 Burpees+20 Double Unders, Odd: Strict Ring Dips

4: Scale to HSPU

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