Call: Ben: 626 224-8717 or Marc: 626 733-2799

Monday October 28th


Hi-Hang Snatch


Emphasis on technique over weight, resting 90 seconds between sets


4 Rounds for Time:

3 Wall Climbs  (sub 20′ bear crawl per 1 Wall Climb)

20 Jumping Split Squats


Shoulder Smash with lacrosse ball


1.  Spend 15 minutes to establish a max load for the 2-Position Snatch (Low Hang, Hang).

2.  Snatch Deadlift,  5×3, heavy, proper eccentric motion, rest after every rep

  1. Kathleen Reply
    5:00am Mike H.- 5:08 (BC) Jacob- 3:05 Rx Ben- 2:49 Rx 135 RB Marianne- 5:45 (BC) Gina- 5:30 (BC+3) April- 4:48 (BC) Megan T.- 4:19 (BC) Stephanie M.- 5:35 (BC) Janette- 4:08 (BC) Ruby- 2:36 Rx 70 RB Laura- 5:24 Rx Greg- 7:37 (BC) 7:00am Jeff- 5:52 Rx Mona- 7:19 (BC) Victoria- 5:58 (BC) Payal- 6:40 Rx Maggie- 10:02 Rx 9:00am Lisa D.- 7:54 (BC) Henry- 2:53 Rx
  2. Matt Reply
    3:30pm Rachelle-7:12 (rom) Ashley Fa-7:02 (rom) Mike L-4:04 Rx Chris-3:01 Rx 5:00pm Katy-8:52 Rx John-2:38 Rx Eric G-3:14 Rx Daniel N-3:37 Rx Troy-4:30 Rx Cory-6:15 (rom) 6:00pm Andrea-6:20 (bc) Mal-7:31 (bc) Nora-4:55 Rx 70 Kristine-4:24 Rx 65 Brittney-3:10 Rx 53 Mindy-5:35 (rom) Dan S-6:03 (rom) Joe-3:38 Rx Ian-3:37 Rx 85 Kyle B-1:43 Rx 180 Bill-4:49 Rx Stephan-4:24 Rx 145 Brilliant-1:54 Rx 145 Austen-3:52 Rx Karen-5:44 (rom) 7:00pm Sarah B-6:17 (rom) Julie-6:56 (rom) Natalie-6:40 (rom) Ashley P-5:56 Rx Sean-4:24 Rx

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