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A sharp distinction must be drawn between Crossfit as an all-inclusive fitness training program and Crossfit: The Sport of Fitness.

Each new year, throughout the Open, the Regionals and the Crossfit Games, the demands of competition grow steeper and more severe. The weights get heavier, the time demands lengthen and the skills become more complex.

Crossfit Glendora’s Roughnecks program is for athletes who seek to meet and excel within the rising demands of the Sport of Fitness. Roughneck athletes can expect to train in anywhere from 6-12 sessions across 5-7 days of the week. The physical and psychological demands of the training are high and the hours will be long and grueling. It takes a special kind of athlete to become a Roughneck. Roughnecks are required to perform no less than 80% of the training or else they will be asked to join Crossfit Glendora’s Regionals Bound program which carries a significantly lesser time and consistency requirement.

Elements of the program: Roughnecks train to develop aerobic capacity, increase VO2max, improve lactate threshold and speed endurance. Athletes train to develop proficiency and capacity in the Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Strongman disciplines. High level gymnastic coaches host weekly sessions to provide expert instruction on gymnastic skills. Skills and modalities are combined in a broad spectrum of metabolic conditioning workouts.

The Roughneck program is periodized to accordingly peak athletes for the Crossfit Regionals and Crossfit Games in a block design. Roughnecks are expected to frequently compete at the local level to gain competition experience and to expose weaknesses at the individual and team level.

Do you have what it takes to be a Roughneck? The Roughnecks do not accept contracts, only commitments. As was previously stated, the physical and psychological demands of the program are high and the hours will be long and grueling. This is a program for the athlete who wants to make Crossfit competition among the top priorities in their life.

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