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The Romanian Deadlift

For the next few months we will be swapping out our Friday strength movement, which has been Front Squats, for Romanian Deadlifts. The Romanian Deadlift will serve as an excellent compliment to the Back Squats that we will continue to do every week. The Romanian Deadlift, or RDLs as they are commonly referred to, will allow us to strengthen the muscles of the Posterior Chain that pull our bodies up from a bent-over position back to standing straight up.

Q: Why not just do regular Deadlifts?

A: The Romanian Deadlift is a more focused pull that will allow us to zero in on our goals more readily. RDLs are performed with less weight and our bodies are able to recover from them faster. Performing the regular Deadlift too frequently can have negative effects on Clean/Power Clean technique.

Q: Why are Romanian Deadlifts good for me?

A: Bending over to pick up anything off the floor, be it a pencil or a child, is something that we do multiple times every day. Crossfit is a functional fitness program and thus it is important that we focus on strengthening movement patterns that will help us function in real life. Also, lower back pain essentially stems from having a “weak back”. RDLs, in combination with the proper mobility movements,  will give us a mode through which to strengthen our back.

Q: What is a Romanian Deadlift?


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