Call: Ben: 626 224-8717 or Marc: 626 733-2799

Thursday December 12th


3 sets of 3 Left and 3 Right

Turkish Get UP


4 Rounds of Working Time

10 Handstand Push Ups

15 Slam Balls

300m Row

***Rest 1 minute between rounds***


BB Calf Smash/T Spine Smash

  1. Ronnie Reply
    5:00am Mike H.- 9:33 (box) Ruby- 12:52 RxRB Stephanie M.- 11:17 (box) Jennifer B.- 12:14 (box) Shannon Lee- 11:39 (box) Katherine- 14:09 (2abmats) 6:00am Gina- 9:57 (box) 7:00am Greg- 11:49 (box) Cindi- 12:04 (box) Henry- 8:39 Rx Maggie- 10:09 (box) Victoria- 12:18 (push press) 9:00am Hugo- 8:49 (ghd) Chris R.- 8:47 (ghd) Jillian- 9:15 Rx Jeff- 9:50 (jetpack) Sara- Mobility
  2. Matt Reply
    3:30pm Joanna-12:39 (box) April-10:14 (ghd) Katy-21:42 (2 abmats) Lexi-9:54 RxRB Stephan-16:15 (1 abmat) Steve McD-8:33 RxRB Steven R-12:05 RxRB Joe R-9:24 (ghd) Matt S-8:36 (sub 10m HS walk) 5:00pm Janel-11:55 (ghd) Tim-9:38 (ghd,30) 6:00pm Mona-11:11 (ghd) Mindy-14:23 (ghd) Dan S-11:09 (jet pack) Bill-12:22 Rx Kevin-9:55 RxRB Brilliant-7:46 RxRB Jordan-12:04 (ghd) Jon-8:55 Rx 7:00pm Xochitl-9:58 (bench) Rachelle-11:38 (box) Sean-11:01 (3 abmat)

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