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Thursday January 2nd



Push Press


3 Rounds for Time:

10 Pullups

10 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75 LBS

20 Slam Balls 25/20 LBS


Overhead Tissue Smash

  1. Kathleen Reply
    5:00 am Mike H.- 7:55 RX Dustin- 12:33 (95/black) 7:00 am Victoria- 10:22 (55/black) Richard- elements 9:00 am Katherine- 8:57 RX Henry- 6:17 RX Hugo- 7:49 (green) Jeff- 9:13 RX Mary- 5:43 RX Amanda- 10:38 RX Mike A.- 8:53 RX (c2b) Lauren S.- 9:47 (green/65) Eric G.- 7:12 KH- 8:51 RX RB
  2. Matt Reply
    3:30pm Megan T-10:25 Rx Sara-10:41 RxRB 5:00pm Katy-18:18 Rx Tiffany-6:24 Rx Andrea-9:44 Rx Ashley Fe-6:50 Rx Lindsay-6:25 (band) MOB-11:28 RxRB Dan S-6:51 Rx Steve A-8:40 Rx Andy-9:56 (95) Mike C-8:10 (band) Tony-5:50 Rx 6:00pm Brittney-8:41 Rx Karen-10:01 (band,85) Brilliant-6:41 RxRB Kyle B-6:55 RxRB Joe-9:21 Rx 7:00pm Janette-7:52 (band,65) Lauren Rosemarie-12:15 (20/10,band,50/45) Julie-8:46 (band,63) Joanna-10:43 (band,53) Sarah B-9:40 (band,60) Jr-6:08 (JPU,65) Adrian-10:49 (band) Marianne-9:05 (band) Nicole-15:14 (band,65) Jon-6:02 Rx

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