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Thursday September 12th


5 Rounds for Time:

10 One Arm KB Clean and Jerk, alternating 53/35 LBS

15 Burpees

30 Double Unders

***25 Minute Time Cap***


Coach’s Choice


1.  Scale up Metcon to 70/53 LbS

2.  Post Metcon:  3×20 GHD Sit ups, rest as needed

  1. Ronnie Reply
    5:00am Mike H.- 21:48 (singles) Mary- 16:31 Rx (44) JoAnn- 22:35 (singles/18) Jacob- 16:00 (44) Ruby- 14:43 Rx Joanne- 20:15 (singles/18) Katherine- 18:51 (singles) Stephanie M.- 19:52 (singles/18) 6:00am Ben- 16:40 RxRB Jeff W.- 20:12 Rx Gina- 19:32 (mod) Cindi- 21:14 (single/18) Maggie- 20:30 (singles/18) Victoria- 20:08 (18) 7:00am Matt C.- 14:39 (singles) Albert- 14:28 (singles) 9:00am Sara- 14:11 Rx (44) Sean- 21:31 RxRB Illy- 21:46 (singles/9) Chris- 17:21 (35) Hugo- 19:15 (singles/35)
  2. Matt Reply
    3:30pm Lexi-16:12 RxRB Ryan Y-13:05 Rx Stephan-19:10 Rx Marc-24:54 (35, singles) Tyler-16:08 (44,singles) 5:00pm Lindsay-15:44 (singles) Megan T-17:31 (singles,26) Andrea-20:45 (26) Brilliant-11:05 Rx TWR-19:06 Rx John-18:45 RxRB Janel-16:37 (singles,18) Andrew S-13:44 Rx April-12:55 (sub swing, singles) 6:00pm Mal-18:19 (MOM) Mariam-13:30 (Tuesday's wod) Austen-15:16 (singles) Ian-14:04 Rx Dan S-18:23 (singles) Joe-18:12 Rx Bill-23:33 Rx Megan C-15:14 Rx+44 7:00pm Drew-17:13 (singles) Janette-15:32 (26,singles) Carmen-21:20 (18, singles) Lauren-17:08 Rx Sarah B-22:32 (singles,18) Ashley F-13:31 Rx Andy-25:00 Jr-17:13 (35,singles) Mike C-17:27 (singles) Kevin-17:27 RxRB Rob-21:07 (singles)

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