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Tuesday 4/15

1) 10×2 Tall Clean, medium-lightfeel yourself pulling underneath the barbell

2a) Back Squat: 12-12-10-10-8. You will need to go by feel, go as heavy as possible but do NOT fail to complete sets. This is a perfect opportunity to reset your depth meter with no pressure to hit percentages, make sure you are going as deep as anatomically possible.

2b)Strict Pull Ups: 4×10, feel free to add weight as long as you can do the set of 10 unbroken.

3) 3×10 Pausing Weighted GHD Sit-Up, load w/slam ball, 3 counts at the bottom to eliminate stretch-reflex

4) Scale to 70/53

With the fury of 1,000 suns…

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