Call: Ben: 626 224-8717 or Marc: 626 733-2799

Tuesday April 9th

Happy Birthday Chelsea!!

Strength Component:

5×2 Hang Squat Snatch (From just above the knee)

***rest 60 seconds between sets


4 Rounds for Time:

4 Wall Climbs

12 Ring Dips

30 Sit Ups

  1. coachmarc Reply
    5:00am Ashley F- 10:39 RX Ruby- 11:58 (blue band) Mike H- 9:12 (green band) Ben- 9:30 RX (RB) Jacob- 14:26 (blue band) Anthony- 16:54 (blue band) 6:00am Jimmy- 10:12 RX KH- 10:52 RX (RB) Joe H- 14:21 (Green band) Adrianna- 12:56 (green(red-ROM) Mary- 11:42 (green band) 7:00am Stephanie B- 19:23 (green band/blue band) Sean- 17:23 RX Akeel- 14:56 RX Olivia- 15:00 (green/blue to Black band) Ali- 13:12 (green band) Daniel C- 17:45 (black band, ROM wall climb) Stephanie E- Elements Bill W- 15:44 RX 9:00am Lexi- 13:26 (red) Some ring dips!! (RB) Sara- 9:05 RX (RB) Jillian- 11:44 (red band) (RB) Jody- 13:28 (green band) Anna- 13:58 (black band) Megan L- 11:43 (green/dips) Jon L- 11:35 (blue then green band) Amanda- 14:27 (red) 8 ring dips (RB) Mike A- 7:19 RX (RB) Matt M- 7:20 RX (RB) Des- 14:08 (bench dips) Josh K- 12:17 RX (160/230/110) RB
  2. Ronnie Patron Reply
    3:30pm Steven-12:49 Rx(RB) Albert-19:23 Rx Tiffany-13:54 (Red, Blue) Kelsi-11:20 (Grn) John F-10:45 (Blue) Chelsea-15:00 (Blue, Green) Eric G-13:15 (Red) 5:00pm Matt R-13:36 Rx Garrett MOB-"RB" Ashley P-14:18 (Red/Blue) Austen-14:23 (Green) Dan S-17:27 (Green) Mariam-17:27 (green) Trevor-15:38 (green) 6:00pm Mal- 15:02 (green) Joe G.- 11:53 (blue) Melissa- 15:24 (green) Brilliant- 9:49 Rx Ian- 9:43 Rx Griff- 14:27 (green) Andy- 13:39 (green) Danielle- 12:54 (green) Jon O.- 10:00 Rx Adrian- 14:30 (green) Nora- 14:26 (green) 7:00pm Lisa-14:47 (Black,ROM) Amanda T.-16:09 (Bench/Black, ROM) Carmen-13:43 (Bench,ROM) JR-11:51 (Green,ROM) Lauren-12:06 (Red)

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