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Tuesday August 13th


Back Squat

3×3 @ no more than 90% of 1 rep max


AMRAP in 15 Minutes:

200m Run

72′ Walking Lunges

10 Burpees


Mobility -Barbell Calf Smash and Plantar Surface Mobility, 2 minutes each side

  1. Kathleen Reply
    5:00 am Katherine- 5+6 burpees Ruby- 6+36ft. Lunges JoAnn- 3+ part. lunges Stephanie M.- 4+ part run Greg- 2+6 burpees Lexi- 6+6 burpees Cindi- 3+3 burpees Mike H.- 4 6:00 am Ben- competition prep Gina- 4+ part run Jacob- 7 7:00 am Daniel Bo.- 4+4 burpees Mary-6 Henry- 6+ run Jeff- 6+ part. run Maggie-4+lunges 9:00 am Daniel B.- 6+8 burpees Payal- 5+ 36 ft. Lunge Sean- 6 Hugo- 5+ lunges
  2. Matt Reply
    3:30pm Brilliant-6+row Jordan T-3 Tiffany-5+row Ashley P-5 Jen S-5+lunges Steve L-3+run Adam-6 Troy-5+run Neil-4 5:00pm Stephan-5+lunges John F-6+run Matt C-5+run Tim-4+lunges Cory-4+8 lunges Kristine-5 Lindsay-5 Janette-5+5 lunges Kevin-5+lunges Steve M-5+4 lunges Jason-5+1 lunges Dan S-4+lunges Bill-5+lunges 6:00pm Ian-8 Joe-6+run Megan C-6 Kyle B-7+run Mindi-3+run Kenny-5+lunges Jen-3+row (mod) Mal-4+row (mod) Katy-4+lunges Marianne-4+run Bridget-5+run Eric G-6+run 7:00pm Kyle W-6+run Andrea-4+lunges Amanda T-3+5 burpees Lauren-6+run Valerie-4+5 burpees Mariam-4+run Adrian-5 Joanna-4+row (mod) Mike C-5

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