Call Ben: 626 224-8717

Tuesday August 6th

Volume Training:

Spend 15 minutes working on Handstand Pushups


For TIme:

1000m Row


3 rounds of :

20 Pullups

7 Push Press 115/75 Lbs


Mobility -Overhead Distraction 2 minutes each side



We have the following Reebok Nano 2.0 shoes for sale! The regular price is $105 plus tax, but we will be selling our remaining inventory for $70 plus tax!

Here is what we have left:


Size 8— Red with White Stripe
Size 8 ½ –Red with White Stripe
Size 9–Red with White Stripe
Size 9– Gray with White Stripe
Size 9 ½–Neon Green with Black Stripe
Size 12–Gray with White Stripe
Size 12–Neon Green with Black Stripe


Size 6–Pink with Pink Stripe
Size 6 ½– Light Blue with White Stripe
Size 6 ½–Neon Green with Purple Stripe
Size 7 ½–Light Blue with White Stripe
Size 7 ½–Black with Pink Stripe

  1. Ronnie Patron Reply
    5:00am Kathleen- 17:14 Rx RB Mike H.- 11:39 (black) Keith- 17:16 (bk/65) Ruby- 14:23 Rx Mary- 11:31 Rx Flexi- 4+19 Rx RB Stephanie M.- 13:39 (bk+g/53) 6:00am Mona- 16:06 (bk+g/53) Victoria- 15:09 (bk/45) 7:00am Jacob G.- 17:48 (95) Joanna- 16:30 (b+r/55) Jeff W.- 14:50 Rx 9:00am Stephanie B.- 16:07 (bk+g/53) Eric H.- 10:59 Rx Sara- 16:15 Rx RB Jillian- 12:25 Rx (85) Ben- 15:33 Rx RB
  2. Matt Reply
    3:30pm Jen-14:15 (band) Ashley P-13:17 Rx Spencer-11:06 Rx Steve M-10:21 Rx Eric G-10:33 Rx Daniel B-11:18 Rx Bill-14:02 Rx Troy-21:40 Rx 5:00pm Kristine-14:13 (band) Lisa-15:20 (band, 45) Brett-16:30 Rx TWR-12:24 Rx Carlos-13:48 (band) Stephan-17:16 (band) John F-14:50 Rx Brian-15:14 (95) Jordan-8:37 Rx 6:00pm Katy-16:14 (55) Shelly-15:11 (band, 53) Megan C-12:58 Rx Bridget-13:43 (band, 53) Dan S-12:42 Rx Kenny-15:20 Rx Joe-15:34 Rx Kyle B-15:43 "RB"Rx Kevin-10:42 Rx Nick-10:10 Rx Jon-12:42 Rx 7:00pm Ashley F-15:37 "RB"Rx Meghan A-15:25 Rx Rachel Lauren-16:02 Rx Cindi-14:00 (35, 10 PU) Janel-13:53 (35, band) Amanda T-15:23 (45,band) Daniel-14:20 Rx Brilliant-14:13 "RB"Rx Andy-14:24 Rx Matt C-11:41 Rx

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