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Tuesday February 28th


“Lil Arnie”:

5 Turkish Get-ups Left Arm

30 Kettlebell Swings

15 One-Arm Overhead Squats Right Arm

30 Kettlebell Swings

15 One-Arm Overhead Squats Left Arm

30 Kettlebell Swings

5 Turkish Get-ups Right Arm

(The RX weight is 53 pounds for men and 35 pounds for women)

The Turkish Get-up is a core building, intense exercise.  The WOD for today is shortened version of the Hero WOD named after Los Angeles County Fire Fighter Specialist Arnie Quinones, who perished in August 30, 2009 while battling the Station Fire. His emergency response vehicle went over the side of the road and fell 800 feet into a steep canyon during fire suppression activities protecting Camp 16 outside the City of Palmdale, CA. He is survived by his wife Lori and daughter Sophia Grace, born three weeks after his death.  Check out the video “Arnie” to remember why we do these Hero WOD’s!


Everyone who is a member at the gym also receives a subscription to Beyond the Whiteboard, an online workout tracking system that allows you to keep track of all your great progress at the gym.  We have sent out invites via email to most members, however, I may have missed some of you.  Please post a message on the comments section or let one of the trainers know if you haven’t received an invite.

  1. coachmarc Reply
    Also, every year CrossFit SCV holds an "ARNIE" event! Hopefully we can get as many of us as possible to go up there and show our support!! It's always around August 30th and it's a GREAT time!!
  2. Cheryl Reply
    Hey Marc, I can't see an invite to be join BTWB in either of my email accounts as a member. Could you send me one please? Thanks.
    • Coach Josh Reply
      I will take care of it today Cheryl.
      • Cheryl Reply
        Hey there. As of Wednesday, 1:40pm, I still don't see anything in my email for BTWB yet.
  3. JoAnn Reply
    Great workout today! Loved the WOD.....feeling good!
  4. T.W.R. Reply
    Will give it my best today to honor your fallen comrade!
  5. Sarah Reply
    I also haven't received an invite...but I'd like one ;)

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