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Victoria Adams

My name is Victoria Adams and this is my weight loss story. For the majority of my life I battled with my weight. I was a member of a well known gym and tried every weight loss diet around yet struggled to obtain any significant results. It wasn’t until about two and a half years ago when I finally found a place which was truly what I needed to help me be successful in reaching my longtime desired goal of losing weight, getting stronger, and living a healthier lifestyle. Crossfit Glendora (CFG) was and continues to be that place. When I first joined CFG I was 216 pounds, lacked muscle tone, definition, endurance, and discipline. Worse than that, I was still a victim of fad diets and yo-yo weight loss. However, since joining Crossfit Glendora I have had the privilege of experiencing so many personal wins. The CFG workouts are no cake walk and there have been numerous times where I have said before a WOD or workout of the day that if I die during the workout I am going to become a ghost and haunt the coaches that developed that particular workout. Fortunately, for them and myself that has never been necessary. Yes, the workouts are tough and the coaches even tougher but they force me to challenge myself in ways I never imagined. I am neither the strongest nor the fastest member of my gym yet I always leave CFG feeling like a winner because I know I’m leaving stronger and better than I was when I arrived that day. Since starting CFG I have lost 56 pounds and counting through diet and exercise, I’ve become stronger, have overcome mental obstacles, and proven to myself that I can physically do whatever I set myself out to do. Even though Crossfit Glendora is a gym I consider it my home away from home and the coaches and other members my family. Reaching my goals has not been easy but all the encouragement, motivation, and inspiration I have received from my CFG family has definitely made my successes that much greater. As of right now I am still working towards becoming a more physically fit version of myself. I definitely am looking forward to continuing to have CFG and my new found family by my side for a very long time. I cannot imagine having reached my weight loss goals without CFG. Thank you Crossfit Glendora for welcoming me into the family and helping me become the stronger person I am today. With warm regards, Victoria Adams

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