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Wednesday 4/2

Strength: 3×10 Push Press, add weight each set, rest 90sec.


Metcon: 5 Rounds for Reps of

:30 Max Effort Deadlift (95/65)

:30 Max Effort Hang Power Clean (95/65)

:30 Max Effort Shoulder-To-Overhead (95/65)

Rest 90 seconds


Mobility: Posterior Chain Floss/Overhead with External Rotation Bias

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  1. Lexi Reply
    5:00am-159RXRB Ruby-RB 120RXRB Gina-129RX Mike H.-167RX Randy-RB 161RXRB Mary-234RX Katherine-159 RX(75lb) Jacob-168RX Wes-218RX
  2. Lexi Reply
    7:00am Jeff W.- RB 206 RX Maggie-172 RX Cindi- 160 (45lb) Salo-177 RX Juan- 153 RX
  3. Coach Josh Reply
    9:00am Sara RB-165 RxRB Lexi RB- 181 RxRB Gynnae RB-163 Rx RB Janel 142 (55/33 LBS) Ashley FA 153 Rx Anil 136 Rx Amanda B 170 Rx Mike A 280 Rx Jillian 202 Rx Xochitl 170 Rx
  4. Coach Josh Reply
    11:30am Nassir 171 Rx Jose 176 Rx Ben RB Matt R OFP Matt S Strength Ryan B Ryan Y
  5. Ian Reply
    3:30pm Andy F- 163 Rx Rob I- 199 Rx Frank R- 153 Rx Megan T- 184 Rx Tiffany- 151 RxRB Joe R- 158 Rx MOB- 137 RxRB
  6. Matt Reply
    5:00pm Andrea-145 Rx Lianna-164 (53) Nora-129 Rx Shelly- 169 (55) Joy-176 (35) Austen-RB 176 RxRB Dan S-233 Rx Jordan-Lift Matt M-Lift Rob-116 Rx Lindsay-211 Rx Ian-195 Rx Ronnie-Diff WOD Chris A-191 Rx Eduardo-117 Rx Brittney-RB 149 RxRB Tony-Bike Eric G-276 Rx 6:00pm Crystal-161 Rx Dustin-169 Rx Charles-149 Rx Joe G-RB 163 RxRB Brilliant-247 Rx Myles-139 (75) Jon O-194 Rx Mal-199 Rx Kyle B-RB 172 RxRB Marianne-202 Rx Nicole-148 Rx Kristine-RB 150 RxRB 7:00pm Steve A-176 (85) Rosie-100 (40) Rachelle-153 (65/25) Lauren-RB 220 Rx

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