CrossFit is an all-inclusive strength and conditioning program that is designed for anyone and everyone. The Work Out of the Day, or WOD, at CrossFit Glendora is designed to improve and develop your health and fitness.

Our program is designed to raise the level of General Physical Preparedness in all of our members. Simply put, this means that you will be in shape to take on a broad spectrum of challenges. These could include anything from pick-up/competitive sports and parenting to combat and survival.

Each class at CrossFit Glendora will generally be separated into three parts:
1. Strength
2. Metabolic Conditioning (Metcon)
3. Mobility

All three elements are programmed to fit into a 1-hour class.

Much of the strength work at CrossFit Glendora will be done outside of our Metabolic Conditioning workouts so that our members can focus on learning the proper technique for managing larger loads and safely performing the movements.

Our Metabolic Conditioning workouts, or Metcons, are designed to provide the Cardiovascular Endurance element to our program. The movements in Metcons will vary on a constant basis. The time that each Metcon will take will vary as often as the movements within each workout. The body has three different main energy systems (similar to gears on a car) and each needs to be trained.

Everyday, after our Strength and Metabolic Conditioning work we will do a Mobility exercise to increase or maintain the range of motion in our joints. Great flexibility and range of motion at joints means that we are increasing that joint’s function, preventing injury and increasing bodily comfort on a day to day basis.

Again, CrossFit is designed for anyone and everyone. All people, from the firefighter to the athlete to the housewife, have needs that differ only in degree but not in kind. All movements and workouts can be scaled to meet the appropriate degree for the individual. At CrossFit Glendora, our program is designed to serve everybody.


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