About The Gym

What makes CrossFit Glendora different?

CrossFit Glendora is a tightly-knit, family-oriented fitness community with a decade-long history of success. We have offerings for those simply looking to improve their fitness, competitive athletes looking to grow and compete at a high level, and youth looking to gain strength, speed and agility.

Our workouts consist of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Our coaches are experienced, down-to-earth, and passionate about fitness. Our environment is welcoming, motivating, and challenging. At CrossFit Glendora, friendships are built, character is developed, and physical fitness is forged.

We offer annual fitness challenges, nutrition advice, weightlifting sessions, holiday workouts, and social gatherings outside of the gym.

If you are looking to raise the bar physically, mentally, and relationally, CrossFit Glendora is the place for you!

What We Do

So what does that really mean? It means that at CrossFit Glendora you will not find rows of stationary bikes and weight machines. Instead you will find pull-up bars, kettlebells, barbells and wide open space for squatting, running, jumping, climbing, lifting and throwing – moving your body the way it is meant to be moved. It means that all your workouts will be comprised of exercises that mimic movements performed in day-to-day life or sport. You would never bicep curl your child to pick them up, so why would you do it in the gym? We focus on improving functional movements that are necessary and common in your daily activities.

It also means that you will never get bored. With our constantly varied programming you will rarely do the same workout twice in any given year. You will never have to program your own workouts or spend hours in the gym. Instead, each day a workout will be provided for you that is scalable to suit your fitness level. And because our workouts are rarely longer than 40 minutes they can fit into even the busiest schedules.

Our fitness programming aims to improve your capacity in ten recognized fitness domains cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. The result is comprehensive physical fitness and restored vitality.

Who We Serve

CrossFit Glendora is for you if you:

  • Want to get in shape but don’t know how to design a fitness program
  • Dislike the impersonal “GloboGym” environment
  • Have lost interest in your gym routine or get bored with your workouts
  • Think you don’t have time to exercise
  • Are looking to get faster or stronger for your sport
  • Are no longer seeing results with your current training regimen.

Our community at CrossFit Glendora is diverse; it includes members of our military, full-time moms, doctors, lawyers, police officers, fire fighters, business executives, elite athletes, and retired grandparents. Regardless of how you earn an income or your current fitness level, you will benefit from the coaching at CrossFit Glendora.

Our Promise To You

We promise to offer a professional environment and a knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. We promise to always challenge you so that you never get bored and to create a community that will inspire and motivate you.


What is the WOD?

WOD is the Workout of the Day. It is different everyday and it is posted on our website and Facebook page.

What if I can’t do the WOD as prescribed?

We will scale the WOD for you so that you can complete it and still get all the intended benefits. We scale the load, not the intensity.

Will I get big and bulky by doing CrossFit?

If you do CrossFit consistently, eat right, and allow your body to recover properly, you will gain lean muscle mass and shred body fat.

Will I get a six pack from doing CrossFit?

Everyone has a “six-pack” of abdominal muscles on the outside of their stomach. The problem is, most peoples’ “six-packs” are hiding behind a layer of subcutaneous (under the skin) body fat. Just like the answer above, if you do CrossFit consistently, eat right, and allow your body to recover properly, you will gain lean muscle mass and shred body fat, exposing the six pack of abdominal muscles you already have.

Why does CrossFit cost more than my old traditional gym?

CrossFit is the exact opposite of a traditional “Globo Gym” where you walk in, put in your headphones and zone out for an hour while you attempt to stay motivated and complete whatever workout you made up for yourself. The individual and specialized coaching you receive at CrossFit is very similar to what you would get by hiring a personal trainer (which will cost you several hundred dollars a month in Southern California). The difference here is that you get individual knowledge and instruction from our certified trainers who are focused on your personal needs, goals, and abilities (at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer), while working out and learning in a community atmosphere with limited class size, where everybody knows each other, interacts, and cares about and motivates one another to improve and succeed.

What if I can’t do a pullup?

Pullups are a huge mental obstacle for alot of people. A large number of people cannot do a pullup when they start doing CrossFit. With our individualized coaching style and scaling techniques, we will have you doing WODs with scaled versions of pullups (jumping pullups, band-assisted pullups, or ring rows) right away, building those muscles, and you will get your first actual pullup in no time.

How many days a week should I CrossFit?

Because we foster a “family and community” environment at CrossFit Glendora, we would love to see and train all of our clients six days a week. We understand, however, that folks have other obligations and cannot devote six days a week to CrossFit all the time. We recommend coming at least 2-3 times a week, and more if you can make it. You will find what your optimal number of days per week is based on your life’s demands, physical ability, and your body’s recovery needs.

What if I can only make it once a week to CrossFit?

Even if you only come once a week, you will still realize significant improvements in your fitness and health. Our coaches will work with you and recommend other CrossFit type activities that you can do outside of the gym on days where you are pressed for time and just cannot make it to CrossFit.

What if I don’t like working out with a group?

Numerous studies have shown that we cannot acheive nearly the same positive results training alone as we can in a group environment. Having a tight group of individuals around you when you are working out motivates you to push yourself harder and acheive better results from your workouts.

What is a functional movement?

The first question you should ask yourself when determining whether a movement is “functional” or not is whether you can go the rest of your life without ever doing that movement again. If the answer is yes, then it is likely not a functional movement. If you answer no, then it is most likely a functional movement. Functional movements are things we find ourselves doing everyday such as squatting to sit in a chair, lifting something off the ground such as a grocery bag, lifting something over our head to place it on the top shelf, running to the mailbox, etc. Some other characteristics of functional movements are: They start from your core and move to your extremities; They are compound movements that use multiple joints; They are natural, effective, and efficient; and most importantly they have the ability to move large loads, long distances, quickly.

Meet Our Team


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